Asad Brothers Engineering  Services (ABES)also undertakes  Earthing  works  in Offices, Industries  and also in  GSM services. We  provide   all types  of  Earthing   as per  required   standard   and  provides  complete warranty  period.  Following  are our standards:

”            Grounding   works to provide  earth to less than  1 Ohms

”             Installation  of earth  PIT

”            Supply  and installation  of earth cable as per standard

”            Supply and installation  of copper  rope

”            Supply and installation  of copper  bas bars as per dimension

”            Supply  and installation  of lighting   spike

”            Supply  and installation  of Earthing  Material

An earth  ground   connection    of the  exposed  conductive    parts  of electrical  equipment    helps  protect from  electric  shock  by keeping  the  exposed  conductive    surface  of connected   devices  close to  earth potential,   when   a failure  of  electrical   insulation   occurs. When  a fault  occurs,  current   flows  from  the power  system to earth. The current  may be high  enough  to operate  the over current  protection   fuse or circuit  breaker, which  will then  interrupt   the circuit. To ensure the voltage  on exposed  surfaces is not too high,  the  impedance   (resistance)  of the  connection    to  earth  must  be kept  low  relative  to the  normal circuit  impedance.

An alternative  to protective   earthing   of exposed  surfaces is a design  with  “double   insulation”   or other

precautions,  such that a single failure or highly  probable  combination    offailures   cannot  result in contact between   live circuits  and the  surface. For example,  a hand-held   power  tool  might  have an extra system of  electrical   insulation   between   internal   components    and  the  case of  the  tool,  so that  even  if the insulation  for the  motor  or switch  fails, the tool  case is not energized.

FUNCTIONAL  EARTHING: A functional   earth  connection    serves a purpose  other  than  electrical  safety, and  may carry current  as part of normal  operation.   For example,  in a single-wire  earth  return  power  distribution   system, the earth forms  one conductor   of the  circuit  and carries all the  load current.  Other  examples  of devices that  use functional   earth connections   include  surge suppressors  and electromagnetic    interference   filters