Network  Designing

Asad Brothers  Engineering   Services  has Network   engineers   and  expert   network designers  who  put their  best efforts  and design  full secure network  system. We use best software  and quality  products  for designing   and implementing    up a network. We deals in all kind of network  normally  LAN’S, WAN’S, VLAN’S wireless LAN and etc. we also have specialized  personals for installing  and creating  different   servers such as MS Exchange,  DHCp, DNS, SMTP etc. A part from  this we can configure   all kinds of  LAN and WAN protocol   and  we  guarantee   all these  services at much   nominal cost then  market.

Equipment   Supply

Asad Brothers  Engineering   Services  (ABES) supplies  all types  of  Data equipment required   for  designing    up  a  network.   We  have  variety   of  equipments,    servers, SWitches, Hubs, Bridges and Routers, Wiring  equipment’s,   Systems (for Networking and Servers).


Asad   Brothers    Engineering    Services   (ABES)  provides    complete     solution    of Networking.   Installation   of server, clients,  switches,  wireless  LAN and  all the  other equipment     as  per   our   customer    requirements.    We   have   a  team   of   highly experience   technicians   who  carry out  the  wiring  to  the  entire  satisfaction   of our customers  and conforming   to international   standards  prevailing  in the  market. Our wiring   is also guaranteed   against  any faults  for  the  period  of  one  year. We also provide  long term  maintenance   contracts  of wiring  and when  required .