Asad  Brothers  Engineering   Services  (ABES) have  Engineers  and Technician   who have long experience  in Telecommunication    field and have practically  worked  in all major  telecommunication      system  of the  world   such as Siemens, liT, Rolm, Digital communication,    Samsung  and  Panasonic etc., as such we are an ideal  position  to provide  consultancy   services to any organization   be it large, medium   or small. We access the  requirement   of the  organization   and  help them  to select  best possible and cost effective  system available  in the  market.

Equipment   Supply

Asad Brothers Engineering  Services (ABES)supplies all types of Telecommunication equipment,   which  are PABX’S,Tag Blocks, Patch Panels with  racks, All types of voice outlets,  all types of imported   and local made  multi  voice cable. We deal in all major brands  available  in Pakistan. We extend  guarantees   and warranties   received  from manufactures   to our clients.


Asad  Brothers   Engineering    Services  (ABES) we  supervise   on  customer    behalf installation     and    commissioning      of    all   types    of    PABX’S,  installation     and commissioning    of MDF’S and  IDF’S with  tag  blocks  and  Patch Panels. We have a team  of  highly   experience   technicians   who   carry  out  the  wiring   to  the  entire satisfaction  of our customers  and conforming    to international   standard  prevailing in the market. Our wiring  is also guaranteed   against any faults for the  period  of one year. We  also  provide   long  term   maintenance    contracts   of  wiring    and  when required.